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hello! i have invited you to run the snckcrew account. 

if you were on the snckcrew account before just know that this time it needs to be a lil different and there are going to be rules. i've been super lenient with no rules before but every time the account became hated / caused stress to others / became annoying to a lot of people / got into the hands of a person who would ruin the account. so there are rules.

these rules might be just a lil harsh but id rather be safe than to keep restarting this dang account.

  • do not EVER give the password to anyone else. even if its your boyfriend / girlfriend / best friend. i have not invited them to be on the account. i have only invited you. if i find out you gave the password out to someone i will not invite you to be back on the account.
  • this isnt your personal account. please do not complain about your problems on this account.
  • do not use the word "admin" in any of tweets. i get a lot of people coming to me asking how to be an admin on the account. i will not be giving out the password to a lot of people so random people asking will not get into the account. so to just bypass this just please dont use the word "admin"
  • if anyone asks how to join the snckcrew just tell them to email me contact@snckpck.com via dm
  • if anyone send hate or rude tweets to the account just ignore it.
  • do not block people. for no reason should you block anyones twitter on the account. if they are making you kinda uncomfortable log off and do not respond to them. get back on later. 
  • the purpose of this account is to let you have a platform to spread positivity to a lot of people! so just kinda run the account how i run my own account. please dont go overboard and retweet a lot of things or answer questions in quote format. it litters everyones timeline and a lot of people will unfollow the account.

that should be about it! sorry i had to make rules for this account. its just that i have not had rules multiple times i had to reset the password and the account got ran into the ground. 

remember its supposed to be fun not stressful!!!

ok ok ok have fun on the account :+)