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im daniel alexander and create art under the name SNCKPCK.

i've been creating videos and music for fun since 2006. i just love creating things that people can enjoy!

my videos have been shown at contemporary art venues including VIDEO Like ART hosted in Bordeaux, France.

my music has been played on LASRKZUUstange wavess, and other college radio stations across america. listen to it on spotify and collect/download the albums for free on bandcamp.  

i have talked to a digital new media class at NYU as well as multiple high schools about positive thinking and motivation.

dogs are like mythical creatures to me. i dont have a dog but when i see one i cherish the moment. lets be friends

i like to write. in late 2012 i wrote a book entitled raddddd. it was reviewed by beach sloth. march 2013 i wrote and freely released slime dog you are my friend online.  august 2013 i released my first children's book a swim through space. september 2013 i released my motivational pocket book stayin' positive.

october 16th, 2013 made the decision to release all of my media for free forever. all of my creative output moving forward will be available to be disseminated as freely as possible!


published works

have you seen my whale issue #2
64, and ghost animals

have you seen my whale issue #3
moment of silence, be aware

screaming seahorse issue #7
today i had to call 911 for the first time

sadcore dadwave #4
sometimes i want to be a monk, cocaine lamps