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february 14th, 2019

i made some new tunes <3 enjoy on all streaming platforms <3


november 7th, 2018

in love with my crrrrazzzy life

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october 17, 2018


june 14, 2018

SNCKPCK on vinyl is finally here! a super limited run of some of my most favorite songs i have made. limited to 300 copies! grab your copy here.

march 4, 2018

i just found this dog mug at a thrift store. it's my new favorite thing!!!!!



february 12, 2018

im 100 yrs old and i invited icarly 2 my brithday party

february 1, 2018

play something cool for the birds in your backyard
if u play the space jam theme song all the birds will chirp back in unison and it will sound like
"michael jordan we love u"

january 24, 2018

haircut at the hockey game now im playing a zombie game
my cats felt the sun again because it's been behind the clouds for a few days

january 21, 2018

and you said "never give up hope and you'll be okay"

january 18th, 2018

dear diary: ◡‿◡

january 16th, 2018

i went around in circles with you on the basketball court with our roller blades on after going down the biggest hill
it was a little scary since i haven't roller-bladed in 8 years but it was ok
with u

january 16, 2018

welcome to my mind