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even the sun can't block or show it
chords: C, G, Am, F
strumming pattern: DDUUDUUDUUDU

everyday when the sun shines
there are still stars above our heads
but we cant see them but that doesnt mean
that they're not there

well the stars are infinite
and we're always there
just like my love for you is always there
you know it, you know it
even the sun can't block or show it

we're in love (x4)
hey i love you (x3)
omg i love you

we're under the tree the birds are starin' at us
we're holding hands and the birds dont know why
but they figure out why why we're holdin' hands together

its because we're in love
and the earth started spinning around
50 billion miles an hour
and the birds understood

one reached out their claw and the other reached out the other
and they held tight and they held tight
and i looked into the sky with you
and i see all the birds they're holding claws
and they're in love so in love
they're flying in the shape of a heart

hey i love you (x3)
hey i frickin love you
hey i love you (x3)