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wilbert the ghost owl
chords: Am, C, G, F
strumming pattern: DDUUDUUDUUDU

hey buddy did you hear the news
about an owl that had nothing to lose
he flew out away out of the zoo
and he started a life in kalamazoo

his name was wilbert the owl
he was a nice nice and special owl
his feathers felt just like a towel
oh man oh man he was the perfect

until one day a hunter came out
and shot wilbert right out of the sky
wilbert got shot he didnt know why
and thats when wilbert started to cry


wilbert looked up into the sky
his home was left there
his home was left there
his home was left there

wilbert started to fly
right into the sky
he was a ghost owl
wilbert the ghost owl i love you


wilbert was a ghost
oh boy he loved it
he floated along into the trees
didnt hit any even though hes clumsy

transparent body that he had
was his best thing in his life
but he wasn't filled with life
only lil lil lil lil ghost howls


one day you'll look into the sky
and you'll see wilbert flying by
what a perfect lil owl he was
he'd do a backflip just because