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i'll make u a song!

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make a song croppepd231231231.jpg

i'll make u a song!

from 60.00

SNCKPCK music is fun to listen to but what if you could have your own personalized SNCKPCK song? Want me to make a song about your dog? What about a your grandma eating a pizza? Need a theme song for your friend crew? How about a cute love song 2 send to your crush? The possibilities are endless!

song examples -> https://snckpck.bandcamp.com/album/songs-i-made-for-people

for $60 i will make you a song (length varies)

Turn around for songs about 1 month (or maybe fasteR!)

In your order notes please be as specific as you want! the more information i have the better the song will be for you! : )

For an extra $15 I will make you your own album art too!

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