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hey everyone i wanted to talk about something i really never ever talk about publicly. it comes up a lot when i talk to all my friends around the world about problems in their life asking me how i stay positive and how can they be positive like me. 

the truth is i was never always this positive at all. it just recently started happening and it takes a lot of time to get to know yourself and love yourself

in 2011-12 was the worst year ever for me. i had just made a transition into college and had very bad anxiety attacks. i wasnt that confident then. it got so bad that i didnt want to go to school at all and had to get on medication. it was very depressing and i truly didnt like that feeling at all. it went on for an entire year. i couldnt do that anymore and one day i just wanted to change. 

mid 2012 i started making music / videos / and wrote a book. every day i did something and i loved it. when i did something i loved i didn't feel as bad as i could be just laying around and not loving life. it took a lot of time. A LOT OF TIME to get to where i am now. there is a lot missing of this story but i wanted to give everyone a little insight about me and my positive lifestyle.  and a lot of people dont realize that i really do understand what you are going through. recently in feburary got off my medication and and truly staying positive because of every single one of you. everyday i get to wake up and help other people out and i am so happy i am able to do that. i feel a lot more confident in myself and am loving life a whole lot!!!!  

im so thankful for everyone who supports me. thank you. if you ever need to talk about anything please message me i am always here for you! have the greatest day