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everyone knows using the word ‘great’ is better than ‘good’. everyone knows using ‘gr8’ is better than ‘great’, but i have recently discovered an even better way to say ‘gr8’ and its ‘gr9’. i thought about it a while after my finger slipped onto the 9 key instead of the 8 key. what did this mean? i feel like i have discovered an alien burial tomb on mars. i feel like i have to tell everyone my discovery.

gr9 is better than ‘gr8’ in many ways. obviously the first thing of why its gr9er than gr8 is because of the number. mathematically 9 is a higher number than 8. making it truly a gr9 substitute. this is a shift on positive words. make it known to your friends that you feel gr9 today. never say good. if you feel just ‘good’ you are not having a gr9 time in life.

even though saying ‘gr9’ (pronounced ‘gr-ine’) might feel weird. this is directed more towards writing down either on internet posts/chats or (e)mail. i hope you feel gr9 today. tell your cat you feel gr9. tell your favorite snacks you feel gr9. its a gr9 earth we are living on. have fun on it.