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my dream dates

  • ghost hunting at a scary location
  • going to 7-11 for a slurpee (and that’s all)
  • being in a dark room while listening to old tracks made for snes games
  • walking around the dog park blasting baha men through a boom box together
  • playing hide and seek in dillards
  • exploring abandoned buildings together
  • having a carlton themed dinner
  • getting black eyes together
  • reading the lyrics to hard in the paint to each other
  • sledding down the pyramids
  • switching detachable foots in the future because we are cyborgs
  • watching groundhog day on groundhog day
  • sailing a boat in a grocery stores lobster tank
  • scuba diving in a sewer filled with fruit punch
  • playing catch with a burrito standing on top of tables in taco bells
  • synchronizing our ipods to play stress by justice at the same time while trying to fly a kite in costco
  • sitting on the moon

this is an exceprt from my book raddddd which you can get here