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Happy Earth Day!


For years I have subscribed to the idea of free online distribution of media. It's just something I've always believed in. I believe people pirate books, software, ideas, music, videos, and other media because of convience and the constraints of money placed on those objects. I have realized that I don't want to place the constraint of money on my own work for those looking for the chance to experience new content. Moving forward all of my creative output will be available to be disseminated as freely as possible. My material can be used for creative and noncommercial purposes. I encourage you to copy, reproduce, alter, and distribute it in anyway you can think of. Thank you for all your support. So here it is all of my content I have ever made for free forever. You can find my books here and my music here. All your downloads and donations are appreciated. I am excited to be on this path riding super fast with no end in sight! Lets have some fun!

I would love to hear your thoughts regarding this. Also if you read any of my books or have listened to any of my music I'd love to hear what you thought about it. I'm always trying to improve so please dont be afraid to email me! contact@snckpck.com


hi friends!!!!!!!!!!!! :+) thanks for taking the time to read this!!! if you havent noticed i havent been retweeting lots of things on my main twitter account and a lot of you miss that i know!! im focusing on bringing all those fun retweets / dog picture / snckpics to the SNCKCREW account!!! 

so friends!!! lets have lots of fun!! please keep sending me snckpics to the @SNCKCREW twitter account!! we are gonna have lots of fun! i have so many plans for the SNCKCREW!!! lets spread positivity and motivation to others that need it! high five someone today :+) see you soon!!!!! 


hey everyone i wanted to talk about something i really never ever talk about publicly. it comes up a lot when i talk to all my friends around the world about problems in their life asking me how i stay positive and how can they be positive like me. 

the truth is i was never always this positive at all. it just recently started happening and it takes a lot of time to get to know yourself and love yourself

in 2011-12 was the worst year ever for me. i had just made a transition into college and had very bad anxiety attacks. i wasnt that confident then. it got so bad that i didnt want to go to school at all and had to get on medication. it was very depressing and i truly didnt like that feeling at all. it went on for an entire year. i couldnt do that anymore and one day i just wanted to change. 

mid 2012 i started making music / videos / and wrote a book. every day i did something and i loved it. when i did something i loved i didn't feel as bad as i could be just laying around and not loving life. it took a lot of time. A LOT OF TIME to get to where i am now. there is a lot missing of this story but i wanted to give everyone a little insight about me and my positive lifestyle.  and a lot of people dont realize that i really do understand what you are going through. recently in feburary got off my medication and and truly staying positive because of every single one of you. everyday i get to wake up and help other people out and i am so happy i am able to do that. i feel a lot more confident in myself and am loving life a whole lot!!!!  

im so thankful for everyone who supports me. thank you. if you ever need to talk about anything please message me i am always here for you! have the greatest day







a new start

im going to keep going, and never stop. this is what i love to do. im so happy. and im having so much fun. i am very excited for the future and where ever all my work takes me. thank you for checking out all my things i make and supporting me.

i wasnt to happy with the way my old website design was working so i completely redesigned it to work how i wanted it to work. this will be the new home for all my work. i will have all my blog posts / videos / music / writing here.

i will not be posting on my old tumblr anymore but luckily the way i have this site set up it will push all my content i publish here over all my social networks. so new posts will still be coming in over there. if you want to read through all my old blog posts click here.